Terms of Service
You agree to the following service agreement when you hire Pollard Media Co.

As the client, you reserve the right to cancel a photo shoot at any time prior to your appointment.

We understand the fluid nature of working in real estate, so there is no fee

if you need to cancel on short notice.

Once a job has been completed and photos have been delivered to your account, you are expected to pay within a reasonable amount of time.

We understand that a "reasonable amount of time" can be interpreted in several ways, but we interpret that as no more than a week or two.

Refunds may be issued if there is a clear failure on our part to deliver the

service(s) you have paid for. Outside of this, refunds will not be dispersed.


Pollard Media Co. holds copyright protection on all images and videos created.

The client who has paid for a service has permission to use images or videos on

any web platform or printed form for the promotion of that property while it is

listed with them. Once they are no longer listing the property, this permission expires. Images are not to be altered once they have been delivered.

Pollard Media Co. reserves the right to use all images/videos for promotion.

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