In The Beginning

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Journey of failures

Pollard Media Co.

I started a lawn care business with my best friend, Paxton Biggs, in 2013. We named it Grass Busters Lawn Care. "who ya gonna call??" Lol.. Really though, we were excited.

We were 21 years old going to college at OU, and this business got us through some hard times. To this day, I am incredibly proud of that venture.

I didn't realize it at the time, but starting that business was more than just a means to an end. I was satisfying an itch. An itch that I think all entrepreneurs have. It's difficult to explain, but I know it's a commonality amongst those who "do their own thing". These people are realtors, business owners, and other types of entrepreneurs. Some might classify us as psychopaths, and they might be a little right lol..

In May of 2016 I walked across the stage in Norman. This was the most relieving day of my life. 5 years of torture, beer drinking, failing, succeeding, struggling, and striving.

Minutes before walking across the stage, I checked my capstone grade online. I believe it was a 79.9% or something like that, so I made it! They weren't going to round it up but I didn't care at all! I had already accepted an amazing job that was waiting for me the next week. I just needed to pass lol.

All of 4 months go by of me being a "9 to 5" person. I couldn't deal with the mundane nature of my desk job as a GIS Analyst. I wasn't going to leave, but I definitely wasn't going to continue a 9 to 5 routine where I just go home every night and wither away.

So I started a business. A "side hustle" if you will. This business was Pollard GIS Services.

It was a drone mapping company. I became fascinated with photogrammetry and LiDAR technology, so I wanted to learn it inside and out. It correlated well with the GIS industry so it just made sense to me.. I learned a ton about the technology and became very skilled at producing the product I wanted to create.. But on the business side I failed miserably.

I did a handful of free projects and made a ton of contacts, but never once did I earn a dollar.

I decided to transform the company. I would learn drone photography but also attempt to retain my drone mapping ambitions. I changed the company's name to "Pollard Mapping & Photography". And I know... a very creative name lol.

Fast forward a few months or so and I meet a guy by the name of Mathew Wood. It was pure happenstance. I was selling an iPad on Facebook and he inquired about it.

Matt had started a photography company called "Droneworks". And I know... a name that is actually creative lol. He started it as a side hustle as well. He had a day job in accounting and finance I believe. He asked if I'd be interested in working for him as he grew his business. I was looking for any way to get a side hustle rolling, so I said yes. This is when I became obsessed. I started watching YouTube tutorials about photography and gathered a ton of inspiration from famous cinematographers. I remember learning the basics like it was yesterday. APERTURE - SHUTTER SPEED - ISO ... The works.

Matt trained me and I represented Droneworks for almost a year until he left for greener pastures.

This is essentially how Pollard Media Co. was born.

I did my best to retain some of the clients Matt shot for, plus the customers I had picked up, all while maintaining my career in GIS 40 hours per week.

Matt would advise me quite a bit and stay in touch to see how business was going.

He'd give me a hard time when customers would fall off lol..

Today Pollard Media Co. is a stable business, and I still maintain my career in GIS.

We are growing organically! In February of 2020, the ghost of Grass Busters past came to life when I hired Paxton to partner with me in growing the business.

I trained him quickly, and within weeks, he was fully autonomous shooting houses.

After almost a year now, he is driving in nearly 50% of our gross revenue.

We have big plans for 2021 and we can't wait to announce them!

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