Closing 2021 | Thank You

Thank you so much for an incredible 2021.

I witnessed many of you have a record setting year, and this is what I hoped for in 2021!

For your convenience, I am going to bullet point this email so that it is a fast read.

  1. In June I left my career job to pursue this company full time. A career that I actually earned my degree for. It was not easy, it's still not easy, but I feel more fulfilled every single day running PMC.

  2. PMC opened an office in Catoosa where we offer headshot photography, podcast production, video project work, consultations, and most importantly ping pong. We're obsessed.

  3. We hired Wes Hammons to step in as our Marketing Director. Wes has a degree in the arts and worked as a senior English teacher for 8 years.

  4. Paxton Biggs stepped into a Director role along with still executing field work shooting houses for our clients.

  5. Our Colorado photographer, Damon Davidson, led the efforts in expanding our services out west.

  6. We hired two more photographers in Oklahoma City! If you know anyone that would benefit from our photography in OKC, please send them our way! Our photographers there