Closing 2020 | Thank You


Well… 2020 was quite the ride, and I know it was an extremely difficult year for many.

I desperately hope that 2021 is a counterbalancing year. I believe the world deserves that.

I believe you deserve that.


I wanted to thank you all personally.

Your essential work helped keep the economic machine alive during a global pandemic.

Businesses that rely on your hustle such as photographers, inspectors, lenders, and others alike can be grateful for what you do. And we are!

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you! And keep after it! We’ll be right there with you to help market you and your listings.


Despite the challenges this year brought, you still kept us busy.

  • We shot nearly 500 properties for you.

  • Pollard Media doubled in growth from 2019.

  • I hired Paxton Biggs to partner with me in growing the business.

  • We expanded our service areas.


Next year is going to be a vibrant year in the real estate industry, and we plan to meet that challenge head on with you. We are staffing up in preparation.

We’re adding 4 photographers to our team, and we are expanding our service areas once again. I'll be sending an email announcement in the coming weeks introducing everyone.

I never want you to have to wait for listing photos. If you snag a listing and are needing photos in a pinch, we will be ready!

Pricing Change?

Nope! As a matter of fact, we have just made some price decreases on certain services.

I’ve squeezed our margins tight going into next year, and I believe this move will be a net positive for everyone.

The Budget Friendly Package (NEW!)

There’s a strategy to this.. For $99.00 we will come take 15 photos of your listing (no drone).

You’ll also receive a listing website with your branding and info on it. Next day delivery as always.

The strategy?

We want this service to be a tool you can use for lower priced listings. Allowing you to justify a photography expense when your commission will be less than usual.

Also, it’s a great way for realtors to try us out when shopping around for photographers!

If you haven’t glanced over our pricing in a while, please do!

And please pass our info along to your colleagues!


Again, thank you for all you do.. We simply wouldn’t exist without you.

See you in 2021! Let's make it an awesome year!

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